The company Lenovo was though to be launching the Lenovo Z5’s tripe camera phone on the December 6th 2018 but there was no such announcement which took place on that day, in accordance with that the, senior VP of Lenovo group released a new poster to confirm that the Z5 will be launched on the December 18th and this time the company is motivated to ensure that the launch goes through without any hesitation.

Moreover the new phone will be launched at the Global headquarters of Lenovo which is China. The launch poster hence has once again teased the potential consumers of the triple camera setup that the phone will come loaded with and another picture shows a gradient color glass back-side of the new device with vertically arranged camera setup being, easily  the highlight feature of the Lenovo Z5. The design of the camera is quite like that of the Huawei P20 Pro, but there is a gap between the dual camera sensors and the third camera sensor. Moreover the LED flash is directly below the third camera. As of right now there is still no information on the capability of the triple-lensed camera’s and hence only time will tell how good a camera setup Lenovo has launched.

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Moreover the design of the phone is really beautiful, not only is the back-end of the phone interesting but after some pictures were leaked of the phone on the internet, the front display is seemingly quite unique which is unlike the upcoming Galaxy A8’s or the Huawei Nova 4 series that are featuring in-screen holes at the top left corner of their displays. Finally the Lenovo Z5’s will be featuring a camera hole but this hole is placed towards the center of the phone not on the corners.

Lenovo has promised the users that their upcoming phone will have the three S, speed, shoot and finally sexy, hence we can expect the phone to be a beautifully designed mobile phone, which will deliver topnotch performance and an amazing photographic experience to the user. The specifications that have come forward so far reveal that the phone, the phone measures at 156.7 x 74.5 x 7.8mm and comes loaded with a 6.3 inch display size. The device will also include a relatively large battery capability of 3120mAh. The full specifications are still not revealed but with the launch just around the corner we will all find out very soon!


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