We saw the launch of the Lenovo Z5 all the way back in June. When the phone was released, it was available only in China. This led to the disappointment of many outside of China, since many were greatly anticipating the phone, and since it was released only in China, that meant that many of the users looking to get their hands on the phone – couldn’t.

Now, this seems to be changing, as Lenovo is looking set to launch the phone outside of China, into the other markets around the globe as well. However, while this news has broken out, it is still not actually true exactly in which regions, and in particular, in which countries the phone will be made available.

Like I mentioned above, it still isn’t clear exactly in which countries the phone will be launched, however, it is actually quite likely that the phone will make its way into the Pakistani market.

Lenovo has previously shown as new teaser, which went on to reveal that the smartphone will be made available on the 16th of October. It is most probable that the phone talked about in the teaser will indeed be the Lenovo Z5, however, it is also possible that this phone just might be the Lenovo Z5 Pro.


So what exactly can we expect from the Lenovo Z5? Well, the phone boasts a 6.2 inch display, with an impressive 1080p resolution, and also claiming 90 percent of screen to body ratio. The phone has two sixteen megapixel sensors, which are present on the rear end of the phone, and to make things even better for the potential customer – these sensors are further enhanced through AI technology. And if you’re a selfie person, then prepare to be impressed, as the phone has the inclusion of an 8 megapixel lens, for the purposes of selfies.

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Futhermore, the phone has the presence of an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor. This,coupled with 6 gigs of RAM, and either 64 or 128 gigs of internal storage means that you’ll without doubt have a very powerful phone at your hands. While the phone will run Android 8.1 oreo coming straight out of the box, it is true that the phone will be upgraded to Android Pie, as this became apparent, when it was revealed from Lenovo itself. To go with the powerful processor, and 6 gigs of RAM, Lenovo has also made sure that you’re equipped with a decent enough battery, as well – 3300 mAh, which should actually last you the whole day without many issues.


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