So one of the prominent brands hailing from China, Lenovo have released a teaser poster about a week ago in which the company revealed some information regarding there upcoming flagship mobile phone device, they revealed this at the  launch of the Z6 Pro at MWC 2019. However, the company are yet to announce the device which will seemingly be released at a press event scheduled for today however, it did release some details.

Moving on the Chinese manufacturers also talked about the soon to be famous 5G networks and how it will affect the composite smartphone industry. The Vice President of Lenovo, Edward Chang who head the event said that “Hyper Videos” will be one of the major trend of the 5G era. Furthermore, he didn’t explain what Hyper videos are, he did say they will be transferred at higher speeds than the current videos transfer rate!

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Moreover, Phones with the capability to record these hyper videos will feature new camera technologies and the Lenovo Z6 Pro is revealed to be one such device. He further mentioned that one manufacturer will be looking to launch a device with a maximum camera resolution of 100MP, which will be astonishing if it is made possible.

Lenovo Z6 phone to come with a 5G capability and a Hyper Vision camera

The Vice President finally revealed that the Lenovo Z6 Pro will be launching in China in June with a support for 5G network. The company announced a 5G partnership with China Unicom, so the Z6 Pro will most definitely be available in the country. So it seems that Lenovo are set to bounce back in the industry of mobile phone devices, so users cannot wait to get more news on this device, don’t worry we got you covered!


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