One of the smartphone which had once been on the hit list in Pakistan is now again back, and this time with more advancements. ZUK Z1, by Lenovo is ready again to hit the markets of Pakistan. The features of this phone are much better this time then the previous one. It was also once entitled as THE IPHONE KILLER.

It is more similar to iPhone from its external features but it is totally different from the inside. This time it also has a long battery life time.

It comprises of aviation-grade aluminum chassis.

It has a total weight of about 175 grams and comes with a big battery of 4100 mAh.

It features the latest Snapdragon 801,2.5 GHz processor and has a 3 GB RAM. It has an internal storage of about 64 GB space which eliminated the need of extra micro SD card. It also has a dual-SIM slot and high-definition speakers. It has a 13 MP rear camera or can take a clear and a 8 MP selfie camera.

One of it iPhone killer feature is its, U-Touch sensor. The security updates will automatically be made byIts Android 5.1.1.

At the recent time the company offers the phone at a discounted price which means that now we can get it at a price of RS: 27,999.


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