Next-gen graphics and processors are not the only things helping laptops to be easily down-sized, as Lenovo’s latest pro workstation proves this. The P320 Tiny was recently unveiled by Lenovo, having a discreet professional GPU and Intel Core i7 chip, and all this comes in a box which weighs pretty much the same as the MacBook Air, coming at 2.9 pounds. One thing which I am sure of is that users will not at all complain about performance issues, as it features an Intel Core i7-7700T max CPU, NVIDIA Quadro P600 GPU, up to 32GB of DDR4-2400 RAM and 2TB of maximum storage, via a pair of M.2 SSD slots.

Although it is true that this will not give you the same pure gaming graphics horsepower which is given by the Nvidia GTX 1080, users will still get a pro level card, which has a better compatibility with some certain 3D and CAD programs.

Even though the P320 Tiny is pretty tiny in terms of size, you would be surprised to know the number of ports that it supports. These include six USB 3.0, front audio ports, display ports. The catch to this small size and surprisingly high number of ports within is the fact that the power supply is on the PC, being in the form of a brick, but this also frees up space for the desktop.

The P320 Tiny starts at $800. Lenovo has said that the workstation is available for purchase, however, at this moment, it seems to be a difficult device to be found in the US markets.


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