The political situation between India and Pakistan have become heated not only in terms of words but also in terms of physical battle as both countries violated the LoC in the past couple of days, with India initiating the strike in a deserted region in Balakot followed by a failed attempt in which the jets were shot down by Pakistan Air Force, and the Indian pilots arrested. Pakistan also chose to demonstrate its power by crossing the border and returning back after Indian Air Force showed resistance. It has become a sensitive matter which requires mature response from both nations. PM Khan has been the first. This came during a chaired meeting of the National command Authority to discuss Pakistan’s response to Indian aggression. The Premier stated:

“We are ready to talk. Let better sense prevail. Let’s think sensibly. I ask India; with our weapons capability…on both sides, can we afford a miscalculation? If this escalation continues, matters will neither be in my control nor Modi’s. The hurt that has been caused due to the Pulwama attack, we want to come to the table and talk about terrorism that affects us both,” the prime minister said in a televised address to the nation.“I had a hunch that India would escalate, and that is why in my earlier speech I said that if India continues on this path, we will retaliate. We waited, and today we took action. It was our plan to not cause any collateral damage, and not to cause any casualties.”


PM Khan made it clear that both countries were not in a state to go to war and that the unpredictable nature of war could leave unnecessary bloodshed, huge financial losses on both sides which neither appears to be able to bare at this point in time, economically.

“We know what war means. Since the beginning, we have asked India to share actionable evidence with us. It is nowhere in the interest of Pakistan for our soil to be used as a base for militancy.” The prime minister concluded his address with an invitation of dialogue. “I once again invite you [India] to the dialogue table. We were and we are prepared for dialogue on terrorism.

Earlier, military spokesperson Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor also asserted that Pakistan did not want to retaliate at the cost of regional peace, but the country had no option but to respond.


Its time for India to respond and let’s hope that it’s a favourable one for both nations, one that can allow peace to prevail in the region and replace incertain times with peaceful and friendly times.


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