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LG and Tesla?

LG Energy solution is apparently looking at the prospect of aiming to make advanced battery cells for Tesla Inc in two years time. These new battery technologies will actually be for the automobile maker’s electric vehicles as they are looking at both the US as well as Europe as potential production sites.

In accordance with what a report coming in from Reuters has to suggest, people close to the matter have gone on to indicate that the South Korean company is seeking to make the new advanced batteries for Tesla, although, the latter is actually yet to actually agree on the deal. This of course refers to the fact that LG has yet to expand its role within the electric vehicle maker’s supply chain. Previously, it had actually been reported after the battery maker had gone on to tell reporters that it is in fact planning to build battery production sites in the US that will actually be aimed at EVs or energy storage systems, which will also end up catering to both the US as well as global clients – including startups.

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Back in September of last year, the Tesla CEO in Elon Musk proceeded on to announce the company’s official plans on the development of new cells in house. This, in turn, made suppliers such as LG push forward with ‘unproven’ technology so as to retain their major client. In accordance with what one of the sources had gone on to claim, LG has actually already started the process of making samples for the 4680 large-format cylindrical cells. However, the company is also currently facing technological challenges as well as difficulties in scaling up production.In accordance with what one particular source had suggested : “LG plans to produce 4680 cells at its new US factory. They plan to build a new 4680 cell line to supply Tesla’s Giga Berlin in Europe.” Meanwhile, another source had claimed that since Tesla is in fact a major customer, LG can indeed take risks.


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