It has been roughly two years and three months since we saw the LG G4 make its way into the smartphone market, while Android Nougat arrived roughly 11 months ago. Now, if you are an owner of the LG G4, then you would have likely given up hope of an update on your phone, because lets face it, how many two year old phones actually get updates? Not many, right? Well, this isn’t the case for the LG G4, because following two years and three months since its arrival, it finally gets the nougat update.

A few months ago, many sources did say that this update would indeed take place, but at that time, anyone who would have been a tad skeptical would have been forgiven, because this update just didn’t look probable at that particular time, but here we are, witnessing it actually happening. The nougat update is right on schedule – but there is catch to all this. This update is coming only to South Korea.

A while back, AT&T stated that they had no plans to update the LG G4 to nougat. Now, considering the fact that the Android Nougat is around 331 days old, and taking in account the age of the LG G4, it is very likely that the American carriers won’t even bother. This is because the US carriers would have little incentive to update a two year old phone. However, it isn’t to say that the event is impossible, and especially when you consider the fact that T-Mobile just released the Nougat update for the V10, just two months after it landed in South Korea, there is perhaps some light at the end of the tunnel.

You can download the LG Bridge app via LG’s Korean download portal and XDA Developers has the downloadable KDZ files for the LG G4 models F500S, F500K and F500L.


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