The LG G7 One – what’s so special about it?

The LG G7 One – what’s so special about it?
The LG G7 One – what’s so special about it?

LG most recently announced the G7 one which is a special phone because of the fact that it would be the company’s first Android one phone.When taking into consideration the standards of Google’s stock Android program, it is a particularly high end device which would be running Snapdragon 835 processor and would also have a 6.1 inch 1440p display. Taking into account the super bright display that LG has promised and as mentioned previously the 1440pdisplay, it is expected that the screen of the phone will stand out from the rest.

But enough about the display of the phone.The phone will also feature the Boombox speaker which is of course taken from the G7 ThinQand also a headphone jack which seems the most important of necessity on smartphones these days. Along the headphone jack, the phone will come with quad DAC, which has become some of a trend for LG, as it has featured in all of the company’s recent flagships.

While the phone does not have a dual camera setup, make no mistake about the cameras because they are expected to be really really good. It is expected that the phone will feature a 16MP f/196 shooter on the back, while the front will consist of an 8MP f/1.9 selfie camera.

 One thing which has led to a bit of uncertainty with regards to the phone is the fact that it will feature with only 4 GB of RAM and 32GB of storage however, it does have a MicroSD card slot. As I stated above the display of the phone is amongst the best things about it and with a good display you need a good battery and with a 3000mAhbattery,it certainly seems that LG has integrated a good battery to go along with the display.

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LG has also led lots of people in confusion by saying that the phone will be offered at an exceptional price.We don’t know what this means as of yet because the exceptional price could me that it is an expensive phone, however on the other side it is expected that this would probably mean that the phone would be amongst the more affordable flagship options on the market.

The fact that LG has teased the public by stating that the phone will be available at an exceptional price in just one of the reasons why you should be intrigued by the prospect of what’s coming. Of course the most intriguing proposition with regards to the phone is the fact that it would have solid specs, and with no LG software, I myself am looking forward as to how the phone actually does in the market. Will it be a success? Well, we can only wait and see.


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