There is no denying that these are hard times for the LG mobile division. What was once a company that held its own against the others with innovative tech solutions, is no struggling to find its own path in the sea of different types of mobile devices and ends up nailing nothing. That’s the story of the LG G8X, infact that’s the story of the LG mobile phones for the past few years.

The LG G8X is an upgrade to the already gimmicky LG G8 with its complex hand gestures that appealed to no one. This time LG tries to do away with an added accessory that is a second screen! Although it seems very attractive: the prospect of being able to multitask or use the two screen in different modes; laptop, tablet or just scrolling mode. This cant be enough to justify the upgrade that LG boasts it to be.

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Packing up the Snapdragon 855, 6GB RAM, 4000MAH, MIL-spec certification, It is definite powerhouse but where LG tries to distinguish itself from the crowd, it just isn’t enough. Maybe we are being a bit harsh, because take nothing away the implementation of the second display is quite good with options including using both displays as one big display, using the second as a second screen for keyboard and as a gamepad. The second screen attaches on top of the other as a cover. The outside layer is reflective glass which might not have been the best of decisions from LG because that automatically makes the device fragile. Filling up the spec sheet is an in-display fingerprint sensor and the screens are same screens with 6.4 inch FHD+. The cameras include a 12MP primary sensor and 13MP wide sensor. See! This is what we are talking about, LG is trying so hard to distinguish itself that it has lost nailing the basics, unfortunately.

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