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LG goes on to Suspend Plans

Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that tech giant LG was on the receiving end of backlash following reports coming in which suggested that the company plans to begin selling iPhones at its stores all across Korea. A new report now claims that the brand has now suspended its plan to do so.

In accordance with what the source has to say, LG’s decision in relation to selling iPhones at its physical store has been opposed by small as well as medium-scale distributors who have claimed that LG’s large network of stores will end up posing a threat to their businesses. The Korean tech giant of course has more than 400 LG best shops across the country.

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The Korean government too has claimed that it is concerned about these small businesses, some of which had to of course close shops due to the covd-19 pandemic and is hence not in support of large outlets threatening the survival of smaller ones. It has also indeed been reported that the plan has actually gotten Samsung a tad worried as it goes on to believe that the partnership will end up threatening its hold of the South Korean smartphone market.

For now, it is still unknown whether talks between LG and Apple will resume or not. But we shall see what happens at the end of the day. However, as one would have to imagine, it doesn’t look like this will happen as the deal now looks off. But, let’s see whether it can end up happening.


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