LG Inverter A modern refrigerator consists of over 1,400 parts. The most important parts, the motor and the compressor, are why LG Electronics makes the world’s most popular and advanced home appliances that provide differentiated performance, higher energy efficiency and handy functionsto satisfy consumer needs. Inverter-type motors and compressors are standard in many LG home appliances and give the company’s products their cutting edge and premium quality.

LG Inverter’s Secret Weapon: Speed Control

The secret advantage of LG Inverter motors and compressors over conventional models is precise speed control. Whether it’s a washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner or microwave oven, LG Inverterregulatesthe speed and revolution of motors and compressors depending on the situation, automatically adjusting the speed to maximize output and optimizeresults with less energy and less noise.

Keep Food Fresher Longer

LG refrigerators keep foods fresher longer because inverter technology does a better job of maintaining a more constant temperature. LG refrigerators limit internal temperature deviation within ±0.5˚C, half the temperature fluxation of non-inverter models(±1.0˚C).1


Cleaner Clothes For Less

LG Inverter technology allows washing machines to perform a full wash cycle on a mere 67Wh of power.2 This is 36 percent less energy than a conventional LG washer, the same amount of electricity required to run a hair dryer for just four minutes!But this doesn’t mean having to sacrifice performance – clothes still come out as clean and as fresh as ever.

More Cooling With Less Power

For residential air conditioners, the LG Inverter ensures powerful cooling performance and outstanding energy savings.LG air conditioners consume 70 percent less electricity while providing cooling up to 40 percent faster than typical air conditioners without inverter technology.4

Kingmaker of the Kitchen

Inverter technology also empowers LG’s microwave ovens with precise cooking power to reheat and defrost foods faster than ever before. Through accurate temperature control, LG’s microwave oven reduces temperature deviation to just 3˚C, a significant improvement compared to non-inverter models,ensuring evenly cooked food and thorough defrosting in less time.5

Better Inverters, Better Appliances

As the brain of LG home appliances, the LG Inverter’s one-two punch of energy conservation and high performance makes the company’s appliances the global industry’s benchmarks. For LG, better inverters mean better appliances. See for yourself at


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