LG’s Latest Financial Report Shows why They had to Stop Making Smartphones

LG Latest Financial Report Shows why They had to Stop Making Smartphones

LG lately left the smartphones marketplace, and while many in the technology industry have been saddened to see a few of the most famous Android OEMs go off in its worst second, it was a very long time coming, since LG tablets have been always generating declines for LG even though they have tried everything to turn the situation around. The phone manufacturer that set out hits like the Nexus 5 along with the LG G2 was not the exact same anymore, and LG’s smartphones branch was in an permanent downhill. Together with LG even trying and failing to market their small business, closing store was imminent. Now, we’ve got a much larger picture of why this is due to LG publishing their Q1 2021 outcomes.

Throughout the first quarter of 2021, their apparatus earnings really was able to grow through all their other divisions, except for–you guessed it–their smartphone branch (through GSMArena). These numbers do not really reflect the minute they declared that their own public drop from the smartphone marketplace. However, LG seemingly managed to market KRW998.7 billion (~$901 million USD) value of mobiles throughout Q1 2021, which will be approximately the exact same amount since they sold annually. But, their losses amounted to KRW280 billion (~$252 million USD). By comparison, other LG branches were able to raise their earnings considerably, placing their whole earnings at KRW18.8 trillion.

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There are a number of takeaways from these amounts, but let us begin with the most clear one: creating phones is simply not worth the effort except for these. During 2020, LG sought to revitalize their brand by introducing new apparatus and smartphone traces unlike anything else we have seen from them so far. Given the way their Q1 2020 and Q1 2021 numbers will be the specific same, it is probably safe to state that did not work out. On the contrary: their additional branches actually grew in earnings, which sets the smartphone branch’s numbers into further shame.

LG is set to sunset their smart phone branch completely at the end of July, redeploying all their employees throughout the company and liquidating their resources. At this time, they are still promoting smartphones, though it’s the versions which are already available on the market. We will most likely need to keep tabs on LG’s amounts for Q2 2021, which is going to be the final trimester to add data from their smart phone branch.


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