Once a big name in the technology industry is looking to rise once again to the top of the market as they continue to drop some really interesting innovations in the market to give their competitors a taste of their own medicine. The LG’s Innotek department is a department which is well known for manufacturing innovative components to provide for a ‘Safe, Convenient, and Enjoyable Future’. The plan to stay honest to their moto and with that being said, the said department has launched another very innovative product which they dub as the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) module for IoT. 

Tge device in question is not one of its kind but what differentiates it from that of others is that this particular version is the smallest Bluetooth module made available in the market. The BLE measures to an astonishing 6mm x 4mm, which is about 25 percent smaller then the previous model and while you may think that a smaller size may result in a reduced performance, we assure you that this is not the case, but rather the company have actually improved the overall performance of the module. 

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The company were not only able to reduce the size of the module but in addition, they also increased the performance of their module by a shocking 30 percent over all existing Bluetooth modules in the market. The reason behind this performance increase can be attributed to  LG’s differentiated RF signal design tech, by implementing the technology, the company have been able to add over 20 more components inside the very small space. These components include communication chips, resistors, inductors, and more. As per the officials of LG, the revolutionary design shall help in eliminating the signal interference regardless of obstacles between a smartphone and the IoT device. In addition to this, since the BLE uses low-power technology, the module will give developers and manufacturers more room for creativity 


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