LG V40 expected to come with five cameras. The recent trends of smartphones seem to be catching up with all the companies pretty much copying one another. Samsung introduced the infinity display, and now it seems every next flagship smartphone will come with an infinity display. And the trends seem to be catching up in other areas as well. Huawei went on to introduce the triple lens cameras on smartphones just some time ago, and now other companies are following the feat.

Triple lens cameras are indeed now a trend and after being introduced by Huawei, a recent report even predicted that this trend is likely to become a standard in the near future for smartphones and this won’t be surprising because after Huawei, OPPO and Samsung too followed the footsteps of Huawei, and now, it seems that LG is looking to join the party as well.

At the end of June, reports suggested that LG’s latest upcoming smartphone, the LG V40 is expected to come with five cameras. These reports date back to the end of June, when the expectations of such a phone were almost to the certain. These five cameras include the triple cameras on the back and dual cameras on the front of the phone. After these, recent reports all but confirm that the V40 will indeed be coming with five cameras. So we know exactly what to expect from the upcoming phone.

Other than that, the design on the phone looks pretty decent,if the leaked photos are anything to go by. The design looks to be a combination of the previous V30/35 and LG G7 ThinQ. A notch too is integrated into the top of the phone in its concealed mode. The battery and network icons are smartly integrated so that they float just about at the earpiece height.

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At the back of the phone, we see something different. The three cameras, as stated above, are placed just horizontally. Many people are wondering what purpose the third camera would actually serve, however, all we can do currently is to wait and see. But if reports are anything to go by, then it is expected (making sense for LG too) that LG would add a telephoto lens in addition to its normal and wide angle shooters. With the glass back with a mirror finish at the back, the fingerprint scanner seems to be beautifully placed in the perfect spot, right in the middle.

As far as the release date and the price of the phone go, it seems everyone has their own opinions. Especially when taking into account the release date of the phone, we have a huge amount of speculation. Some people say that the phone will arrive just after a month of the Note 9, while other sources claim that the phone will be coming on the 16th of November. When exactly the phone will arrive, and what price tag it will come with is unknown at the moment, however, we won’t be in dark for too long.


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