Likee celebrates Independence Day with TalhaTalib

Likee celebrates Independence Day with TalhaTalib

Likee, one of the premier short video sharing platforms in Pakistan, is glowing green this 14th August in celebration of the country’s 74th Independence Day. Through a collaboration video featuring Pakistan’s national hero, TalhaTalib, Likee is committing to empowering individuals within the country in unique ways. Talha brought grace to the country by securing 5th place at the Tokyo Olympics in weightlifting, competing in the men’s 67kg category. A host of other content creators from the platform will also feature in the video with Talha in the spotlight as a flag bearer upholding the honor of this nation.

Likee celebrates Independence Day

14th August is an annual commemoration marked across the country through ceremonies, events and celebrations honoring the sacrifices made by our ancestors to win this homeland for us. Likee is embracing the soul of this day by highlighting some of the individuals who have enabled the nation to hold its head up high not just nationally but on an international level as well. The platform has played a significant role over the years in empowering people from various walks of life in exploring new avenues for building their confidence, shaping their skills and achieving financial freedom at the same time.

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Voicing his views on the occasion, Likee Representative stated “Independence Day 14th August is the day when years of untiring efforts finally bore fruit in the creation of a separate state for Muslims of the Sub-continent. This is a day when the entire nation comes together and reaffirms that they bleed green for their motherland and commit efforts towards the prosperity of this country. Likee takes pride in being part of an ecosystem in Pakistan where youth and people, in general, are encouraged to realize their creative potential. We wanted to celebrate this commitment in a unique way and bringing some of our national heroes to light is one of the ways for us to achieve this.”

Likee has accumulated more than a million downloads in Pakistan and enables a vast array of content creators in sharing short videos to achieve various positive objectives within the country.


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