Line Profiling System to be introduced by Federal Board of Revenue

Line Profiling System to be introduced by Federal Board of Revenue
Line Profiling System to be introduced by Federal Board of Revenue

So for the first time in the history of Pakistan, The Federal Board of Revenue have started a line profiling system for helping the citizens of Pakistan and in turn making things a little easier for the people. This step taken by the board should be seen as a positive one as it can be seen to develop the country, intellectually and the system will in turn also help the people of Pakistan feel a little more safe.

So according to the report,  the new system which is in place will help Pakistanis secure there Assets and wealth in a very effective and secure way. In addition to this, people will also be able to check the information of there Assets online through a website address. On this project, FBR collaborated with NADRA who are in charge of the identification information of the people of Pakistan. Moreover, by collaborating with NADRA they have in turn created a scheme which encourages encourages people to reveal information regarding there Assets, considering the fact that only one percent Pakistani’s are currently filers of tax, this step can in turn help in finding out people who are evading tax and if successful this step can help generate tax revenue for the country. One can already guess that if the plan here is to generate revenue, then this system is destined to fail, as those evading tax are not stupid enough to show off there Assets just like that, however the whole concept of finding out your wealth and Assets online is pretty cool.

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Furthermore, in order to create a an account or register yourself online, the users will be required to display there NIC number, phone number, and name after which the users can use the new system. Like all other accounts, no user is allowed to use an account in someone else’s name so pretty much the financial Facebook of Pakistan. Moreover to register yourself you can go to the following link,


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