We seem to be living in an age and time where Disney is beginning to realise that it could make a pile of money just from remaking old Disney Classics that melted the hearts of the people. The stories were amazing, the animations (for the time) for way ahead of what was on show at that time. For the past few years, we have seen Disney turn those classics like Beauty and the Beast and DUMBO into real-life animations with all the latest CGI involved. But it has received mixed reviews. It turns out that people would rather prefer watching the same movie in a better CGI characterization rather than watching a remake, because well that’s too risky and not many have ever been able to pull it off the second time. The same can be said for the latest upcoming Lion King Movie.

With every reboot, we hope to see a new treatment to the story, perhaps a character played a different way, but with The Lion King, it is the same saga brought the same way, just with photo realistic animation. And while the visuals are breathtaking for sure, couldn’t they have been used for a whole other project? Certainly not. Why try to make it better when it was already the best. The movie has held a special place in the hearts of all those who watched it and now seeing the real-life CGI, has gotten all of them even more excited.

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From the trailers, one thing is for sure, Disney does not plan on changing the plot but rather an exact minute-by-minute remake of the initial movie to remain on the safe-side. The latest trailer reveals more character and one concern people have shared is that with real life, there is quite a loss of the eye-popping colours but that’s just the way real life is and Disney is planning on nailing the viewing department of the film! It sure will be quite a watch when it releases in July!

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