Liscence of 16 Pilots and 65 cabin crew have been suspended over the Fake degree scandal

The Civil Aviation Authority presented that a total of 81 liscences have been suspended, which include the liscences of 65 cabin crew members and 16 Pilots hailing from various airlines. A three-judge bench headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar was hearing a case which was relating to the verification of the degrees of pilots and other staff of different airlines operating in the country. The CAA counsel have informed the bench that the process of verification of the degrees of all airline staff has been completed, except for 6 cases which is on hold as the people in the said cases are currently abroad.

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Moreover,  The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. SaqibNisar during the hearing remarked that an impression prevailed that the authorities were acting with haste, regarding the matter of the educational credentials because of the given court orders. Furthermore the honorable judge stressed upon the efficiency of the action taken against the personnel and has given the order to the CAA to recheck these suspended cases again to ensure that no unfair action has been taken against any individual. The CAA then added that they Pilots who have been suspended have the right to appeal.

Liscence of 16 Pilots and 65 cabin crew have been suspended over the Fake degree scandal

Moreover, appearing before the bench a Pilot complained that the action taken against him is unjust and that his degree is genuine. The Chief Justice, however directed all of the airline officials to approach the relevant forums with their grievances. The Supreme court hence shut of the case which they had begun in the month of March, 2018.

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