What are you looking for your special day?

What are you looking for your special day?

What are you looking for your special day?

There are very few people in the world who prefer to march to the drum of their own beat, Sachin & Babi are in line if those.

You may know Sachin & Babi a fashion-design house known for their unique embroideries.

The fashion house based in New York City was founded in 2009 by husband and wife designers  Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia have borne in India.

This contemporary womenswear line is the specialist in making refined evening gowns and separates.

The brand has been featured many times on fashion magazines since 2009.

The brand adopted by celebrities around the world has unveiled its most recent bridal collection, something totally unique.

The designer powerhouse’s bridal collection for   Fall/Winter 2018 emitted an elegant and timeless effervescence that can only be achieved through bridal couture itself.

Just imagine ethereal pieces, romantic detailing, soft tulle transforming classic bridal into high fashion pieces. But this image depicts a look that only the modern bride can only dream of.

Babi, one half of the creative couple of the new brand says

“It’s an ode to classics and an ode to keeping things super light and fresh”

She claims using origami detail that is normally used in case of three-dimensional pressed flowers onto tulle.

Babi doesn’t pay attention to the trends. She does the things against what the others do.

Her designs are best representatives of her mentality’s uniqueness.

A princess’ gown to modern trousers and a bustier gives the bride a unique look that is transformed from classic to modern with an added coat.

The line goes back to the loveable age-old embroideries and textures to keep the classics youthful and refreshed.

This designer couple week after the girls who love fashion with a traditional mind and don’t like ubiquitous Swan Lake-kind of pieces.

How a bride looks when wears Babi’s dresses?

Well, this is not the matter of Babi’s concern. She just keeps in mind uniqueness of design and comfortability of the girls. She is more concerned with the feels of a dress.

Finally what the designer concludes is

” It’s all about these girls who are pushing their own envelope or their own medium.”

The line that is famous for its uniqueness and comfortability is best for those who want to look different and classic.

Classically modern girls should not miss trying the line when preparing for their special day. Because there remains no reason to let the line go when it comes to uniqueness, modernity, and comfortability of the special day in a classic way.




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