Loudspeakers not allowed for Azaan in India

Loudspeakers not to be employed for Azaan?
Loudspeakers not to be employed for Azaan?

The High Court of Allahabad has taken the stance that Azaan – the call for Islamic prayer is to be recited only by a muezzin by human voice and this call to pray shall not be held using an amplifying device or indeed any sort of loudspeakers.

In respect to such news, there has been now placed an order which states that any recitation of the Azaan via loudspeakers or other amplifying device shall not be done without the permission of respective authorities.

The bench ruled by saying : “We are of the opinion that Azaan may be an essential and integral part of Islam but its recitation through loudspeakers or other amplifying devices cannot be said to be an integral part of the religion warranting protection of the fundamental right enshrined under the Article 25, which is even otherwise subject to public order, mortality or health and to other provisions in part III of the constitution.” Furthermore, the bench continued by saying :  It cannot be said that a citizen should be coerced to hear anything which he does not like or which he does not require since it amounts to taking away the fundamental right of other persons.”

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To go ahead with the decree of democracy, the bench claimed that the petitioner may go ahead and ask the district administration for permission so as to use the loudspeaker for the Azaan. And concerning the petitioners plea, it was said that there exists no specific order in the central or indeed the state government guidelines that go on to prohibit the recitation of Azaan from the mosques. And so, one might not be too off by claiming that this ban on Muslim call of prayer is illegal.

The government though continued with the idea that this ban on the call of prayer is to be put into motion considering the fact that people gather around in mosques and this may be extremely dangerous considering how the Coronavirus pandemic is panning out. Furthermore, the instance where the administration struggled to cope with all the people gathering about following the call throughAzaan was also highlighted.


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