There’s seems to be some love for the Mate 20 Pro in Western Europe

There’s seems to be some love for the Mate 20 Pro in Western Europe
There’s seems to be some love for the Mate 20 Pro in Western Europe

October was a month that had been packed when considering the release of smartphones, with many being excited. No less was the excitement for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, proven by the fact that the phone has broken Huawei’s pre-order record in Western Europe, which was previously held by the Huawei P20 Pro.

As per Huawei, the Pre-orders for the Mate 20 Pro have eclipsed the Pre-orders for the P20 Pro by a massive 40 percent. This margin proved to be during the first 10 days of the pre-order sales. Though Huawei did not actually reveal exactly how many orders the company got for the particular phone, it’s pretty sure that the company would be quite happy with its performance in that region.

Unlike the other Chinese smartphonebrands that have made their presence known recently, like Xiaomi and Oppo, Huawei has been a big game player for quite some years now, no less in Europe. And it’s not only in the smartphone department that the company is excelling in for Europe, since the Chinese brand continues to be the forefront runner in the development of 5G technology, in the continent.

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The Pre-orders for the Mate 20 Pro were no less helped by the Pre-order promotions, which went on to bundle the phone with a wireless charger coming from Huawei itself, and also the Huawei Watch GT.

These promotions went on to justify the massive price tag that the phone comes with – and even without some of these promotions in mind, there is little doubt in the fact that the phone is one of the, if not the most desirable smartphone on the market today. The phone features a 6.39 inch curved AMOLED display, with a 3120 X 1440 resolution, all this coming with Huawei’s very own Kirin 980 processor. The phone comes in two variants : either with 6 gigs of RAM, or 8. The phone comes with an In-display fingerprint scanner, and a massive 4200mAh battery to keep the lights running.

Not to forget, it also features three rear cameras, making it a very powerful camera phone, even more so with the comparison in mind, coming from the likes of LG V40 ThinQ.


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