Lumen to help you lose weight by tracking your metabolism. An Israeli company has created a gadget that tracks your metabolism through your breath and help you lose your weight so that the user enjoys a healthy life by getting aware of the kind of foods best for his health.

The gadget dubbed as Lumen takes Respiratory Quotient (RQ), a test that could analyzes the amount of CO2 the user is burning. This gadget helps you know the amount of CO2 a person is exhaling. If the exhaled CO2 is over a certain level -1.0 on the RQ scale-,  you will be getting energy mainly from the carbs in your body. While the amount of that certain gas is under 0.7 RQ, you will be burning more fats in your body.

The gadget has a companion app that uses the information that Lumen gets through Respiratory Quotient and the companion app uses this information to recommend you foods that the user should be eating throughout the day.

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Did not you get my point? Just let me make it clear through an example here. Just imagine, you breathe into the device before going to exercise. The device will send the app information about the amount of CO2 in your body and the app will follow this information to advise you on whether you need a high-carb snack to get through it without collapsing.

PATH Breath + Band a device that promised to do an almost identical thing & reached its funding target in 2016 has also tried this kind of tech in the past but now its website is dead and it is not being sold anywhere according to my knowledge, despite its extensive media coverage at the time.

So we should temper our excitement here though it looks cool to have such a great device to have our hands on, it could be just a fairy tale too or it can be successful to have our hands on as the company has raised $630,623 from a $50,000 goal and bringing that amount in notice and our past experience with PATH Breath + Band let us not predict anything about Lumen.


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