Porsche, the renowned luxury automaker, has recently unveiled two remarkable additions to its electric bicycle lineup, targeting the higher end of the market. The new offerings, known as the Porsche eBike Cross Performance and eBike Cross Performance EXC, join the company’s first foray into the e-bike industry, the Porsche Rodeo. This release signifies Porsche’s continued commitment to expanding its e-mobility product range.

Porsche’s eBike Cross Performance, a result of the company’s acquisition of Greyp Bikes, a high-performance electric mountain bike manufacturer, demonstrates Porsche’s dedication to in-house innovation. Collaborating with e-bike designer Rotwild, Porsche has produced two models that promise exhilarating rides on both asphalt and rugged trails.

Equipped with the Shimano EP-801 mid-drive motor and Fox Factory suspension, the Porsche eBike Cross Performance delivers outstanding performance. Its 630Wh battery ensures maximum power and endurance during off-road excursions. Additionally, Porsche may offer the option of a 12-speed Shimano rear derailleur to optimize gear ratio and pedaling cadence, enhancing the biking experience on both inclines and declines.

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The eBike Cross Performance boasts two distinct riding profiles, including Eco, Trail, Boost, and Fine Tune modes. In Profile 2’s Fine Tune mode, riders have the ability to customize up to 15 support parameters, tailoring the bike’s performance to suit various terrains. The Cross Performance model also showcases exceptional features like Auto-Shift, Free Shift, and the MT7 Magura brake system, further enhancing the overall biking experience.

For those seeking an even higher level of personalization and craftsmanship, the Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC provides an exquisite option. This model retains all the features of the eBike Cross Performance, with the added benefit of exclusive colors from Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur. The available color options include Star Ruby Neo, Mamba Green Metallic, Carmine Red, and Ice Gray Metallic, among others.

In terms of pricing, the Porsche eBike Cross Performance is set at $14,250, catering to discerning riders who value exceptional quality and performance. For those seeking even greater power and features, the more advanced Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC is available at $15,350, offering a truly premium e-biking experience.

Porsche’s venture into the electric bicycle market signifies a bold step toward a sustainable future, combining the brand’s renowned craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. As the demand for e-mobility continues to grow, Porsche’s dedication to delivering high-performance electric bicycles solidifies its position as a leader in the automotive and e-bike industries alike. With their sleek designs, innovative features, and exceptional performance, the Porsche eBike Cross Performance and eBike Cross Performance EXC are set to revolutionize the world of electric biking.


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