MAC Cosmetics collaborates with Beauty Blender

MAC Cosmetics collaborates with Beauty Blender
MAC Cosmetics collaborates with Beauty Blender

MAC Cosmetics collaborates with Beauty Blender. Brand consciousness often lead us to unconsciousness. Probably you are not getting my idea. To make the statement clear I would like to tell you a story.

There are two sisters, the elder one relies on M.A.C cosmetics, while the younger one is in love with BeautyBlender. But they are not allowed to have separate cosmetics products, so they purchase one product for both of them.

 But whenever they visit a mall or some shopping market, they are found quarrelling because both of them insist to buy products with the brand that is beloved to them.

But this matter has been solved to some extent, for both the sisters, as to kick off the new year, both of their favourite brands has collaborated in a way that is not much pleasing for most of us, but could be pleasing those relate to both the brands.

From 4th of Jan 2018, M.A.C. Cosmetics & BeautyBlender are going to have a lot more things in common than just being guaranteed staples of your makeup box.

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Through a press release, M.A.C. has made an announcement that they will from now on be selling the newly iconic egg-shaped sponge in their stand-alone stores as well as online.

Yes, don’t be amazed because that is quite right and from now on, you can  pick up your M.A.C. staples & favorite pink sponge in the same place, without wondering for the best products, here and there.

No doubt M.A.C. is already a well-known brand for their wide range of pro-approved applicators, but you must also remember that the BeautyBlender is one of those makeup tools that do just stand on BeautyBlender’s own website.

You will be amazed to know, but it is an undeniable fact that “beauty blender” had been the most searched phrase in the previous year.  So we can even more confidentally swear that it is the best brand that has complexion-perfecting powers.

How much would the prices be ranging?

Prices of the above mentioned things will be ranging  from $16-$20 when the collab gets dropped on January 4.

You are not alone amazed to hear about this very collaboration. In fact, this is one major makeup move that we were not predicting for the year 2018, but we could not be happier about the announcement of this collaboration.

We have made you aware of what we got from the reports, now it becomes you own responsibility to choose for a pink sponge like a total pro not.


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