MacBook Pro set for this fall?

Apple MacBook Pro

Tech giant Apple has already gone on to update the iPhone, iPad as well as the Apple watch for the holiday season, but we still wait for the brand to update its Mac lineup. There have of course been plenty of rumors lining up with respect to a totally redesigned MacBook Pro set to come out this fall, as a popular leakster in the more recent times has also gone on to claim that the latest MacBook pro will actually make its way no later than next month. This is in line of course with the release strategy that Apple usually follows with respect to its MacBooks, as the brand did end up announcing the device in early November of last year.

As has been noted already, it is actually being claimed that there will be two MIX variants which will make way, and both will feature with 10-vote processors with the aid of eight high-performance cores as well as two efficiency cores. The difference which exists in these two chips exists courtesy of what is going on in the graphics department as Apple might be offering an MIX with either 16 or 32 graphics cores. As far as Apple’s other Macs go, it has been stated that the brand is in the process of working on a rather high performance chipset for a future Mac Pro as well as an M2 for the sake of the MacBook Air, iMac and also the lower-end MacBook Pro models.

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Rumors have in fact been going on all year long surrounding the next MacBook Pro revision, with the very first 13-inch MI model which was of course released just last fall and which was essentially identical to the one that it replaced, aside of course from the Apple silicon which was found to be on the inside. Also of course, due to the fact that Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro hasn’t been updated ever since it was released back in late 2019, as one would have to imagine, the whole lineup is in fact due for a refresh.


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