Malaysia’s Mahathir Uses ‘Eye for Eye’ to Justify His Statement of Killing French People

Mahathir Muhammad

Malaysia’s previous head Mahathir Muhammad said on Thursday that “Muslims reserve a privilege to be irate and kill a great many French individuals for the slaughters of the past”, provoking a quick reaction from Twitter, which immediately brought down the tweet, and drawing wide judgment from netizens. 

Mahathir began the post by saying that “as a Muslim”, he didn’t favor of the murdering of French educator Samuel Paty — who was executed after he showed godless depiction of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) — however added that opportunity of articulation ought not be utilized to affront others. 

“The murdering isn’t a demonstration that as a Muslim I would support,” he composed. “Yet, while I put stock in the opportunity of articulation, I don’t think it incorporates offending others. You can’t go up to a man and revile him basically on the grounds that you trust in the right to speak freely.” 

Mahathir, 95, a regarded pioneer in the Muslim world, further said that Muslims reserve an option to be furious and need retaliation for past wrongdoings. 

“The French throughout their set of experiences has slaughtered a huge number of individuals. Many were Muslims. 

“Muslims reserve an option to be irate and to execute a large number of French individuals for the slaughters of the past. In any case, all things considered, the Muslims have not applied the ‘tit for tat’ law. Muslims don’t. The French shouldn’t. 

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“Since you have accused all Muslims and the Muslims’ religion for what was finished by one furious individual, the Muslims reserve an option to rebuff the French.” 

The previous Malaysian president additionally condemned French President Emmanuel Macron who, Mahathir stated, was being ” crude in accusing the religion of Islam and Muslims”. A few Muslim-larger part nations have reprimanded comments by French officials, including Macron, protecting the utilization of irreverent depiction of the Holy Prophet in a French school study hall. 

Mahathir said that Muslim-lion’s share Malaysia was “peaceful and stable” in light of the fact that the residents, who have a place with various races and religions, were “aware of the should be touchy to the sensitivities of others”.


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