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Mahira Khan diagnosed with Corona Virus, urges fans to wear masks

Leading Pakistani star Mahira Khan, known for her roles in Humsafar and Bol has recently been diagnosed with Covid-19 and has now isolated herself. The famous Pakistani actress loved by many, made a post on social media where she informed here peers of the latest developments in her health. In contrast, Khan shared a statement on Instagram where she wrote: “I have tested positive for Covid-19. I’m isolating and have informed all those who were in close contact with me over the last few days”.

She continued to say that “It’s been rough but it will be ok soon, InshaAllah.” In turn she also emphasized the need for the public to wear masks in these complicated times as that could well be the difference between life and death. “Please please wear a mask and follow all other sops- for your sake and others,” Mahira urged the fans. “Love, Mahira Khan,” she said followed by heart emoticons.

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The actress further also added that  “P.S Prayers and movie recommendations are more than welcome. X.” It is important to highlight the need for the public to stay at home and if they do go out, to wear masks and cover their mouth and nose while interacting with anyone, be it a family member or your local shopkeeper. Times are challenging and with the rise of cases in recent times, if we as a nation are not cautious, this may result in a greater issue altogether, we must do whatever we can in order to slow the rate of spreading the virus and if that means wearing a mask, then so be it. 

In addition, it is good on Mahira, who has used her social media profile in a bid to not only inform her peers about her experience, how hard its been to deal with the virus and also expressed the need to wear masks. Many people look up to her and by raising awareness we believe that many people would listen to her. Get well soon, Mahira. 


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