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Makeup tips for the bridal makeup in 2018

Makeup tips for the bridal makeup in 2018. The trickiest aspect of the overall look of a bride is ” make up”,  a slight change of applying make up can change a brides over all look. So, it needs to have the right blends of cosmetics so as to not look overdone or dull.

Having a desire to get maximum social media recognition and the yearning to stand out or look totally different, the modern day brides are set to experiment with their dress, make-up, and hair style. Every bride has her own personality, and her personality is reflected through  her choice of jewellery and wedding trousseau.

Make-up artists as well as beauty centers are mindful of the fact that every bride is unique. So they opine that they should be given a customized look. At the same time, well researched and technologically advanced products are being utilised to give that flawless, gorgeous, camera-friendly look to brides.

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Today’s  bride can go for a good coverage of creamy foundation if with dry skin and could use water-based foundation for oily skin, followed by translucent white powder to get a perfect finish.

Bride to be can use Minimalistic Eye Shadow in colored metallic shades to match the mood and the attire. Her eyes can be defined with jet black eyeliners with corners of the eyes highlighted in silver & gold metallic shades.  Gold & Bronze shades can be used for the evening functions with a nice nude Lipper in matte or shades of pink & coral for the lips.

Colours of Pink and Metallic Shades in the blush can be utilised for the cheeks.  Alternatively, a creamy blush could be applied on the cheeks to have that shine along with the application of a good bronzer to contour the face for a perfect chiseled look for the photographs.Highlighters can also be used with stroking in shades of pink & peach to accentuate or contour the cheekbones, nose, & forehead & over the lips.

To add definition to brides eyes, a strong black liquid or pencil eyeliner could be applied from over & under the eye with eyeshadows in metallic hues. This combination goes very well with the red lehenga.

As the lips are concerned, a red or wine shade would do well with the look. Again this season, matt finish is going in vogue. A translucent powder could be well applied to mattify the lips alongwith a matte lipstick or some liquid matt to let it stay for long time.

Hey, don’t forget that it is recommended to not define the brow too much because it looks too made-up, rather do use voluminous false lashes to give the eyes that dolled up look while flashing the eyelids of bride.

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