Man Sells Kidney to Get An iPhone, Ends up on Dialysis

Man Sells Kidney to Get An iPhone, Ends up on Dialysis

Wang Shangkun, presently 26, is the Chinese teen who made news for offering his kidney in the black market to obtain the then-most recent iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Allegedly, he got 22,000 RMB (around £2,520) for the kidney. Shangkun was 17 at that point, and he proceeded with the strategy without the assent of his watchmen. 

Wang Shangkun

Man Wang Shangkun, 25, who sold kidney to buy iPad

In any case, not long after his venture, he built up a serious disease in the main kidney he had and begun confronting a diminished degree of kidney work. He lived to lament his choice since his leftover kidney quit working, and he is laid up now, hanging tight for a kidney relocate. 

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The 26-year-old presently goes through his days in bed and depends on dialysis to endure his kidney disappointment. Over the long haul, he created renal inadequacy, which is purportedly a consequence of his underlying medical procedure’s unsanitary settings and absence of postoperative consideration. 

Since Shangkun was only a young person, and the medical procedure was managed without the assent of a watchman. Nine individuals were captured regarding the situation, and five, including the specialists who gathered his kidney, were jailed in 2012. Also, his family was in the end granted 1.47 million RMB (£168,000) in pay later the exact year. 

Reports from 2012 uncover that the individual frantically looked for the new iPhone to flaunt to his companions. His family, who live in perhaps the least fortunate region (Anhui Province in East China), couldn’t manage the cost of it, so he went to different intends to collect the cash.


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