Managing the “like” option on Instagram in a bad world. It often happens that a person following the Instagram account of a former friend while on the bed to sleep, accidentally goes to click “like” button for a photo that is weeks or months older. This accidental happening could turn the mood of a good night to a regretful night. And it happens several times with numerous people.

Well, there is no need to repent the whole night if the same accident takes place again in your life. Instead, you have to follow the fore mentioned procedure that we have gained from a twitter user. What that twitter user wants you to do in that kind of case of an extreme and mortifying emergency is to change your name and profile photo immediately.

Yes, in case you have clicked the like button for a picture you were not going to like, and you have enabled the push notifications for that response from you in Instagram, just let me tell you that the person who posted the picture you have liked will see it. No, there is no escape just for removing the like right away, it will be shown there.  However the platform we are talking about claims to be able to remove the alert shortly after someone removes the like. So, you need not to be worried about as your new profile would not have to stay that way forever. What you have to do in the meantime, is to

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1) Switch your account to private—if you are public.

2) Go to your Instagram page & click on the profile icon at the bottom-right corner.

3) Click on “Edit Profile” at the top of your Instagram profile page.

4) Change your name, bio data and profile picture there.

That’s all you have to do to get rid of the like you have given to a photo you can’t afford for it.


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