Mandi Bahaudin: two suspects sent to jail on charges of Sexual Assault on Minors

Mandi Bahaudin: two suspects sent to jail on charges of Sexual Assault on Minors
Mandi Bahaudin: two suspects sent to jail on charges of Sexual Assault on Minors

Sexual Assault on Minors is a growing problem in the rural areas of Pakistan and this problem must be addressed and the best way to do that is to execute those responsible for such heinous acts. News has come from Mandi Bahaudin and according to DPO Sial, his forces have arrested two suspects who have been sent to district jail in Mandi Bahauddin on 14-day judicial remand.

Moreover,it has been found that two separate incidents took place in the district’s Usmania Mohalla and Mughalpura neighbourhoods in which a nine-year-old and a 10-year-old were allegedly molested and raped. After the crime a police report was filed following, naming the two suspects who were then arrested and sent to jail.

Moreover,the two victims were just children and only God knows what provokes such people to commit these crimes, the first victim is a nine-year-old girl who was a resident of the Usmania Mohalla.As per her parents the girl went out of her home at around 7pm on Wednesday to buy herself a  kulfi  from a cart vendor in the neighbourhood street when the vendor allegedly molested her.According to the report  filed on the complaint of the girl’s mother, who stated that she witnessed the act. The mother further stated that she, along with her son and another man, caught the vendor in the act but he was able to flee to venue.

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Moreover the second victim is a 10-year-old girl, who lives in  Mughalpura on a temporary basis, had left home on Thursday to play alongside the neighbourhood children at a nearby park, according to a police report filed by the girl’s father, when she did not return for a while, he along with two other residents left to search for her at around 11:30pm, added the report. Furthermore,when the father reached a nearby alley, the search party heard cries of a little  girl which in turn made the search party rush to the direction they were coming from.The father, in the report, said that he found his daughter with her clothes removed as well as the suspect  who once again managed  to escape in that state. He alleged that the suspect had raped his daughter.

These incidents while heinous and disgusting is not the first time to have occurred, Kasur’s Chunian district where bodies of three Minors who werefound to bave been killed after rape were found only recently. In the past few years, Kasur has been subject to multiple incidents of abuse, rape and killing of children. In what was probably the most devastating incident which occurred in January 2018 when a six-year-old Zainab Ansari was found dead in a trash heap near Shahbaz Khan Road, five days after she went missing. Hers was the 12th such incident to have occurred within Kasur over a 12-month period. Her death had sparked nationwide protests and outrage.People who commit such crimes serve no purpose on this earth and therefore need to be executed to in turn protect the children in our society. These heinous acts will not and should not be tolerated and the forces should to whatever they can to rid the nation of such people.


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