The key in the market – any market in 2019 is to keep up with the standards. Company’s kit only have to offer state-of-the-art services, but also have to make the case for remaining in line with the global digital transformations – and no different is the case for jazz, as the company has recognized its need for evolving into a learning organization, and with regards to this it is stated that there will also be the involvement of the removal of around 200 employees from across Pakistan.

The name of the employees have not exactly been made known, so we don’t know exactly who’ll be facing the sack. However, it has been confirmed by some sources that a decision has indeed been made.

Jazz has gone and told some notable sources that all the employees that will be out of a job will indeed be the recipients to a sizable severance package, which would be in line with the company’s and the group policies.

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It has also been quoted by the telecommunications company that medical benefits too will be extended to all the colleagues, as well as their families for 2019.

Jazz CEO Message

Also, the employees that will be facing the sack may continue on to receive the airtime benefit as per the package that they were originally on before being out of work, and the same case goes on to apply for their friends and family packages as well.

Many Jazz employees will be axed

While such transitions can be painful, my priority has been to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible for those colleagues with whom we are constrained to part ways. Your divisional leaders and HODs will reach out to you with more details in the next 3 days.


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