Maryam Nawaz tests positive for Covid-19 again

Maryam Nawaz Wants Open Dialog With Security Establishment

The PML-N’s leader Maryam Nawaz had been campaigning to win Punjab by-polls set to take place on tomorrow (Sunday) speaking at numerous public gatherings throughout the heart of the country’s political scene all week long.

At her most recent election rally which was held just a day before in the same day, the PML-N leader requested the PTI members to join her ranks for the improvement and prosperity of the nation.

“Let this country flourish and progress… I’m sending an encouraging message to the PTI’s young people to help the PML-N and our nation,” the politician said.

Maryam has pleaded with her political adversaries to allow the current government to improve the condition of the nation until elections in the near future. “Vote for any of your options, but don’t waste your vote casting a vote in favour of an opposition party like the PTI,” she added.

On the 11th of July The leader announced the startof their campaign at Sahiwal which was then Jhang the following day, as the province was preparing for by-elections.

PM wishes for a speedy recovery

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In the wake of the news about the PML-N leader’s positive test and also the the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s niece. Sharif’s premier stated that the premier was “sad to learn that Maryam Baiti and Capt. Safdar are being treated for Covid”.

The PM offered Maryam and husband a speedy recovery and praised her for how she ran the PML-N’s campaign for political office.

Covid is on the rise

Pakistan is experiencing another round of coronavirus in the present. It was revealed that the National Health Institute (NIH) disclosed today that at most 10, people diedto coronavirus in Pakistan within the span of 24 hours.

There were 737 cases have been discovered in the course of 22,451 test results conducted in the past 24 hours and brought the Covid positive rate to 3.28 38%.

In the case of deaths 9 of them occurred at the time of death in Sindh and one was reported in Punjab.

In the last week this week, the NIH was able to raise alarms alarmas the country’s positive rate was above five percent, with the most cases being reported from Karachi.

In the official Covid figures, Pakistan has recorded a total of 1,544,910 cases with 30428 deaths in the last three years since the pandemic began in 2020.


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