Massive iPhone 12 leak

Massive iPhone 12 leak
Massive iPhone 12 leak

While many have criticized Apple for adopting a big notch display for its flagship iPhones ever since the iPhone X, many have strayed across the table too giving the justification that the notch that the company has integrated within its devices does actually feature with sophisticated technology that no other company has on offer. Massive iPhone 12 leak.

And now, a prominent Samsung leaker as well as a popular YouTuber has given us something to look out for with regards to Apple’s up and coming flagship in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The latest design leak that has been put forward by popular leaker in Ice Universe shows off the fact that this year’s upcoming iPhone flagship device will feature with a much smaller notch than shown on the previous iPhones. Indeed if this does turn out to be the case, then it refers to the fact that Apple has managed to increase the screen-to-body ratio for the upcoming iPhone even more than what was on show before.

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It is clear that Apple is going more towards the option of making its flagship iPhones all screen with regards to the future. Previous rumors have also actually suggested that a device may be launched by the company in the near future which will feature with no notch, buttons or even ports.

If Apple does manage to get its way with the screen-to-body ratio and manage to cut on the notch, then this would be a massive ordeal – especially when you consider the fact that Android phones these days all look pretty much the same. The Android market at this point in time has laid a great amount of emphasis on the deployment of punch-hole screen displays with tiny top and bottom bezels – and so, if Apple does manage to improve on its design, then this would represent a major feat over the company’s Android rivals.


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