Pakistani might be well ware of Master paints with their unique and funny advertisements that encourage paints without a “token”. Moreover, it has spread and established a long-lasting legacy in the Pakistani Market as one of the top paint providers without a wide variety of colors and sustainability. With an increasing trend of people preferring to color their homes according to their own needs and wants with the conventional ones not considered anymore, many of them find it an intimidating task to select the perfect paint color for their walls. Under their new initiative, Master paints plans on remedying this issue with a website in mind.

According to the company website,

Master Paints presents the unique online paint buying experience where you can find the paint product according to the space you want to paint. So feel free to click any space from the list given below.


The main priority is to simplify the entire process by slimming the process down to 3 steps that would make it easy for the both professionals and everyday homeowners to select the right kind of paint. With the online paint calculator feature, the website allows for the user to choose the right color and quantity required and with additional images for suggestions and showing off the creative side of other people, this app helps people become a little artistic.

Furthermore, it allows to skip one more hassle of creating separate accounts with the integration of Google and Facebook sign-in shortening it entirely to one click. It also offers the option of directly contacting the customer services representatives to sort out any queries.

This seems to be a very positive step towards a more online friendly product marketing system with most of the world now more comfortable with being able to utilize the internet to make such decisions, more companies should follow the example of Master paints in creating such user friendly apps.

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