Mate 30 Pro to come with two 40MP sensors

Mate 30 Pro to come with two 40MP sensors
Mate 30 Pro to come with two 40MP sensors

Many have long been awaiting the Mate 30 flagship series from Huawei for a long time now, and if you think that previous phones from Huawei including those from the Mate series have produced great quality cameras – then you’re in for a treat as the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 Pro may just arrive featuring with two huge 40MP sensors.

As per reports, the Mate 30 Pro is to feature with a 40MP main camera, along with another 40MP ultra wide angle lens. The main camera, while found in the Mate 30 Pro’s predecessor, differs from it because it features with a larger 1/1.55-inch sensor. As far as the ultra wide angle camera goes, it is of a similar size to the P30 Pro’s main camera – a 1/1.7-inch sensor.

Much like the Huawei P30 Pro, it is also expected that Huawei will integrate a third telephoto lens – which will be of 8MP. Considering the fact that the Mate 20 Pro came with a triple camera setup, it is quite possible that Huawei takes on the decision to upgrade the Mate 30 Pro’s camera specs – in order to make it out as a quad camera setup.


In a tweet by popular leaker Ice Universe, the Mate 30 Pro’s sensors were held in comparison to those that are set to come in the Galaxy Note 10 – a 12MP 1/2.55-inch sensor. The claims made by the popular leaker go on to suggest that the Galaxy Note 10 will be of no match to the sensors that will come equipped with the Mate 30 and in a more general sense altogether – though this doesn’t mean it’s true.

Sensor size is not the only factor that we have to take into account when considering image quality and given the fact that the Note 10 Plus’ main sensor is expected to feature with an individual Pixel size of 1.4 micro meters, it just as might end up out doing what the Mate 30 Pro would have on offer – since the device’s two 40MP sensors will most likely feature with a Pixel size of 1 micro meter. With that said, it is also quite likely that the company will actually put its focus on Pixel binning technology – this will make room for the limitation to be surpassed as well as make way for high-resolution photos with little noise.


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