Mate 30 series to have 6 and 12GB RAM versions in China – as per TENAA

Mate 30 series to have 6 and 12GB RAM versions in China – as per TENAA
Mate 30 series to have 6 and 12GB RAM versions in China – as per TENAA

The Mate 30 series was finally launched in Germany this week. In Europe, both the Mate 30 and its bigger brother the Mate 30 Pro are available only in a single configuration: 8GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256GB. However, as far as Huawei’s home country of China goes – the Mate 30 series will indeed be available in even more configurations.

The listings with regards to TENAA for both phones have now been made available, and these reveal that the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro will be made available with up to 12 gigs of RAM along with 512 gigs of internal storage in China.

Along with the version that will consist of 8 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage, the Mate 30 will arrive in other variants consisting of 6GB RAM + 128GB, 8GB RAM + 256GB and finally, 12 gigs of RAM to go along with 512 gigs of internal storage. As far as the case for the Mate 30 Pro goes : the device will be available in 6GB RAM + 128GB, 8GB + 128GB/256GB, and finally, the most premium model of the older brother will represent similar memory configurations when compared to the Mate 30 – with 12 gigs of RAM and 512 gigs of internal storage.

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RAM and storage are the only differences between the version announced in Europe and China. The case for specs is the same in both the regions. It makes intuitive sense for Huawei to go with such a strategy – considering the fact that China plays host to Huawei’s biggest market, where the company manages to sell the most products.

Talking a bit more about the specs of the series, the Mate 30 series is powered by the latest Kirin 990 processor. The Mate 30 features with a flat OLED display while the Mate 30 Pro features with a curved display which happens to be called the Horizon Display. The Pro version comes with seven cameras: four of which are found on the back, while the front of the device occupies the remaining three. The Mate 30 features with five cameras – three on the back and two in the front. Both the devices run EMUI 10 which happens to be based on Google’s latest Android 10.


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