McMurtry’s Electric Car Breaks Speed Record at Goodwood

McMurtry's Electric Car Breaks Speed Record at Goodwood

McMurtry’s electric motor, Speirling, has won the hill-climb race and established a new record in its first Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The car was driven by the former F1 as well as IndyCar driver Max Chilton, the 1000bhp/tonne rear-wheel drive fan car plowed all 1.86 miles of road in 39.06 seconds. The Speirling broke the old timed shotout record by 41.6 seconds, set by 1999’s Nick Heidfeld, as well as Volkswagen ID.R’s 2019 time for practice of 39.9 seconds.

The McMurtry Speirling is the first hypercar powered by electricity that races on track at Goodwood Festival. Goodwood Festival is developed by McMurtry Automotive, the British start-up company McMurtry Automotive was founded in the year the year 2016 by Irishman Sir David McMurtry. Speirling is a word that means thunder in Irish and is the car’s fans that is used to generate active downforce. This can be operated by the driver via button on his steering wheel. The twin fans give an additional downforce of 2000 kg that can be accessed from a stop.

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Speirling has a battery of 60 kWh which is sufficient to keep the car running for around 350 miles as per the WLTP’s testing. When it is running at the GT3 speed, the car is able to be used for as long as 60 minutes on a single charge. McMurtry has yet to release power and mass figures, however, it claims that the vehicle will weigh under 1000kg and will have a mass-to- power ratio that is at least 746 kW per kilogram (1 horsepower for every kilogram) in the event that it is in place. McMurtry says that this setup will allow the Speirling to reach speeds of 300 km/h to 0 in less than 9 seconds, and could attain an estimated top speed of 300 km/h.

EVs can generate 100% of torque between 0 and 1 RPM. They have become an option for those who want greater speed and torque. The most interesting thing is that the switch to electric vehicles has allowed novices to create and engineer vehicles that are completely bizarre. Things that might have dismissed as science fiction five or ten years ago aren’t only possible now, but are actually being constructed and being driven around. It’s not only regarding replacing combustion engines. But the way in which these performance-oriented electric vehicles are designed and constructed, how they’re being constructed, and the materials used in building themis incredible and thrilling.


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