Investigations have been opened by The US International Trade Commission by semiconductor manufacturers AMD against MediaTek, LG, Sigma Design and Vizio. They have accused them of patent violation.

The accusation on MediaTek

According to the AMD, the up mentioned accused companies used the technology in the form of graphics in their smartphones, tablets, wearable and television. The graphic processor and the integrated circuit have also been used by several companies that feature the technology that is protected by AMD’s patent portfolio.

Expected legal actions

The MediaTek is expecting to impose a limited barring order on the goods of the companies which has used the technology protected by AMD’s portfolio. This will also ban and refrain all the orders and will stop the local companies to sell these products. They have also demanded the fee for the products sold during the time of legal proceedings.

The area of scam

The AMD purchased the ATI Technology Business Unit in 2006. The patent scam was held in this unit, according to the report filed by AMD on January 24.

Duration of legal proceedings

The US International Trade Commission will investigate the goods that were imported in the US which include the protected, or thought to be protected technology. The investigation can take around 45 days after the appointment of an investigator. After its completion, an action taken can take around 60 days to become applicable.


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