Another great initiative has been taken by the new government in Naya Pakistan as the federal government of Pakistan appointed a transgender person in its workforce for the first time in history.

A transgender person named Muhammad Zahid, also known as Nomi was appointed as a cook in the cafeteria of Benazir Income Support Programme (a federal poverty reduction programme) headquarters in Islamabad.

The government has made the hiring on a contingent basis, as per a notification issued by the BISP.

In the talk to a local media publication, Nomi shared his feelings “It is still unbelievable I got a respectable government job on merit and now I will be able to earn money with full respect and dignity”

Although Nomi has no degree or certificate in cooking but she cooks well and hasobsession for trying new dishes and serving them in unique styles.Nomi was born in Faisalabad and currently living in Bari ImamArea beforeserving in the BISP cafeteria.

“Since my childhood, I used to see how my mother was cooking and from her, I have learned to cook all dishes,” she says.

This opportunity is like landing a dream job for her. “My appointment is an answer to those people, especially my neighbors and relatives, who believe that a person like me can only earn through illegal means,” she said.

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Just like every transgender she also had faced lots of difficulties on daily basis for being who she was.

My parents have passed away… I was living with my brothers and sisters, but the attitude of my neighbors and relatives forced me to shift from there. Now, whenever I have to meet my family, I go in late hours so that no one can see me and return before dawn,” she revealed.

“I hope now people will feel proud of me rather than degrading me by calling me ‘Khusra’ and asking me to dance,” says Nomi.

On the other hand, Additional Director General Conditional Cash Transfers of the BISP Naveed Akbar said, this was only a start. “It’s a proud moment for us that Nomi has joined our team. And it is just a beginning as we are looking forward to hiring more transgender persons,” he says.

According to Naveed Akbar, the selection of Nomi was totally on merit; she even passed a test required in the selection process.

Moreover, the BISP is also conducting a surveyto offer cash grants to the transgender community in need.

“Hopefully by the end of this year we will also announce more jobs for highly-qualified transgender persons who deserve higher positions,” said the AD.

The BISP has also issued a warning that any person found guilty of harassing Nomi shall be terminated from the job.

Well, that was the great step taken by the government. However, we need to set more examples like this.Moreover, the government should set up quota for transgender in government jobs.


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