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Meizu unveils updated version of Flyme 7 with interesting functions

Meizu unveils updated version of Flyme 7 with interesting functions. A new version of the Meizu’s Flyme 7 OS featuring over 300 new functions and 1,300 optimizations ranging from small changes to the launcher to the new face unlock has been unveiled recently.

Flyme 7 works as fast in 0.1s as the fingerprint reader on the Meizu 15. Flyme 7 with 0.1s will be added OTA to older devices as well.

To enhance the multitasking experience with some of the apps, Flyme 7 is committed to run apps in a small floating window.

This new version of the OS brings updated notifications and new animations throughout the UI.

The launcher facilitates you enough to sort through your apps in alphabetical order.

The updated Flyme 7 OS lets you move icons with pixel-level precision.

The most interesting aspect for those addicted to use phone in night is that the new night mode can be enabled in any app with this OS. The OS is better at detecting your surroundings and adjusting the hue correspondingly.

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With this update to Flyme 7 OS, the cameras also got additional updates, as the AI Beauty mode given to Meizu phone cameras will apply corrections without smudging skin texture. Camera with this OS will adjust itself based on users’ age, features and skin type.

As this OS works in real time, you can even use it in WeChat video calls.

Face backtrack of the cameras with this Flyme 7 with 0.1s ensures taking several shots alongside allowing the users you to pick the best expression for each face, though this is hardly a novel feature, is a welcome addition.

The AI theme of this updated OS continues with One Mind v2.0, promising to be better at understanding the user’s needs and  improving the user experience in general.

You can even rescue the data in disastrous situation when your phone’s screen ger totally smashed. To rescue your data you will just have to hook it up to a PC and have a friend who sends you a special message to enable you trigger recovery mode.

The reports say that the updated version of Flyme 7 OS will be available out of the box on the new phones, while a range of older devices will get updated by this version of OS.

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
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