Mental Health issues Emerging due to COVID-19

Mental Health issues Emerging due to COVID-19

Mental health is as important as physical health is. As we get physically ill, we also get effects on our mental health. Mental health is important to maintain physical health. It is important to save our brains get effected by many disorders so our brain and body perform well.

COVID-19 has taken man to the verge of destruction where he faces never-ending fear or many unsolved problems.

Due to COVID-19, many health issues are emerging and people are getting prone to it. Unfortunately, the ratio of mental issues is expanding because of Pandemic.

Issues that Humans are facing

There are a lot of issues humans are facing due to COVID-19. Some are unemployment, joblessness, boring routine, sluggishness, starving to good food, wealth issues mental disorders, domestic violence and, many more. Recently a report was released in which it was written that COVID-19 could lead to 75,000 death
Let’s discuss Mental disorders.

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Depression itself is an evil door from where many health issues enter and destroy a man. The ratio of depression among youngsters is expanding day by day and its major reason is COVID-19. Due to depression, people get prone to Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Paranoid Thoughts, other mental issues.


Anxiety is a strong feeling of nervousness, worry, unease with uncertain outcomes. It feels intense worrisome and uneasy. Because of overthinking and depression, one feels anxiety while going out or even in his house. Due to COVID-19 many of the people are facing anxiety going outside of the house. It is making them stick to the house and never going outside of the house.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive is an anxiety disorder in which a person does actions repeatedly. Thoughts in his mind force him to do actions again and again. Due to COVID-19 people are getting addict to washing hands again and again. They sanitize their hands even after using sanitizer for seconds. It is making people crazy and they are badly affected by COVID-19.


Because of the Coronavirus, everybody is stressed out. Every person is in stress and having mental disturbance. And stress doesn’t let take mind or body rest. Of course when the mind is in a state of restlessness then how can the body perform well? Stress causes physical pain and it leads to many more physical and mental problems.

Suicidal Thoughts

Because of the excursiveness of tension or depression, the mind or body gets tired and they are unable to do their duty normally. When the mind gets tired, suicidal thoughts start to run in mind. The Human brain concentrates on suicidal thoughts and finds ways to do suicide.

Usage of drugs and alcohol

To reduce tension and to flee from stress, many people drink alcohol and use drugs. Due to COVID-19, many people have started to drink alcohol. They have started to use drugs, especially low-class people.


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