Luxury automaker Mercedes-AMG is reportedly preparing to reveal an electric super SUV boasting an impressive 1,000 horsepower, slated for release in 2026. This move represents a significant departure from the brand’s traditional offerings, as it will be based on the upcoming AMG.EA platform.

While Mercedes may have abandoned plans for its unconventional half-sedan, half-Maybach SUV hybrid, the new electric SUV, comparable in size to the Vision AMG, is expected to measure around 200.0 inches in length with a wheelbase of approximately 118.0 inches. This positions it as a strong contender against rivals such as the Lotus Eletre and Porsche’s upcoming three-row electric luxury vehicle. Additionally, it is anticipated to indirectly challenge BMW’s polarizing XM plug-in hybrid.

Sources suggest that AMG will provide a sneak peek of the flagship electric SUV through a concept unveiling before launching the production model in the following years. Although details about the number of motors remain undisclosed, it is confirmed that the vehicle will feature all-wheel drive capability, with an expected combined output exceeding 1,000 horsepower. Insiders familiar with AMG’s plans hint at the SUV introducing “a whole new level of variable traction possibilities.”

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The unnamed model is speculated to serve as the SUV counterpart to the Vision AMG, positioning itself as the electric successor to the AMG GT 4-Door Coupe. This marks AMG’s first bespoke performance car since the SLS AMG Electric Drive, signifying a transition from gasoline-powered to electric performance.

Reports indicate that Mercedes is already preparing its German plant in Sindelfingen to accommodate production of the super SUV. The vehicle is expected to share an assembly line with the sedan model, which will debut first.

While enthusiasts may have to wait longer for an all-electric sports car from AMG, the focus on volume-oriented products like the sedan and SUV reflects a strategic approach to the evolving automotive landscape. The development of AMG’s electric platform underscores a commitment to delivering exhilarating driving experiences in the era of electric vehicles, promising a future where performance and sustainability seamlessly converge.



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