Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX EV

Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX EV

As it seems, the world is edging more and more towards a more greener society and is looking to do so with the aid of efficient as well as environmentally friendly energy solutions at disposal. Over the course of the past few years, the transformation that we have seen from combustible engines to electric vehicles has been no short of astonishing as we move more and more towards a world that will be all the more electric. Indeed the more traditional car makers are looking to reinvent their manufacturing choices as they look forward towards the prospect of exiting a world where gas-powered engines have been known to lay down their dominance in order to introduce all-electrics as early as the turn of the next decade.

Having said that, Mercedes-Benz is of course much renowned for its luxury lineup of rather fast and efficient vehicles. The company now happens to be in the process of transiting to become a full EV manufacturer by the year 2030. While there are of course a large number of models that are currently under development, the company has just recently teased the super efficient VISION EQXX all-electric vehicle which is now being billed for launch on the 3rd of January.

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The upcoming vehicle from the German carmaker will make its way with some very solid features as well as great efficiency all across several segments. It will end up offering a driving range equivalent to that of 1000km on a single charge – which of course represents a figure as high as can be these days. The COO of Mercedes-Benz recently claimed that this is likely to be the most efficient electric vehicle to be build till date.

Nonetheless, as the German carmaker continues in its goal to pursue all the electrification goals that it has laid down, it also hopes to continue towards the goal of improving on the efficiency standpoint as far as all its EV offerings are concerned.


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