It was launched in 2020 and turned into a niche app for couples to communicate by exchanging notes, photos or videos and stream their music in perfect sync. Since COVID-19 regulations have been relaxed across the world, more couples are able to utilize the application.

Couples seeking to connect with each other through Meta’s Tuned app are likely to be dissatisfied. The app was created in the course of The Meta’s New Product Experimentation Team the app geared towards couples is slamming its services since it’s not sticking. Users have been sent an email advising to download their data prior to September 19, the date which is the date when the app ceases functioning, The Verge said in a report.

The social media site has not provided a reason for its decision to shut down. Jessyka Faison, a New Product Experimentation (NPE) spokesperson who issued a statement that reads, “In the spirit of testing and in line with earlier apps, we’ve tried many things, try to learn about our experiences, and if we find that our tests don’t work, we’ll shut the app down”.

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The Meta’s (then Facebook’s) NPE Team introduced Tuned in April 2020, when COVID-19 levels were at their highest in a number of countries. It was necessary for couples living in different locations to have a safe and secure zone. “Tuned can help keep the artifacts of your relationship between pair of you” according to the website of the private messaging app. It has become a popular product that couples can use to exchange feelings, swap photos and notes as well as play games and stream their favorite music in sync. The app was launched in the spring of this year. NPE stated that the goal is to secure privacy. It’s a place where you can be as mushy humorous, and funny as you can be on the street, even if you’re not together’. It offered the ability to protect passwords, invite codes, as well as privacy filters that allowed users to blur their images.

Since COVID-19 regulations are being relaxed in the majority areas of the globe, less couples feel the need to make use of the application. However, this isn’t the first time the project of NPE was abruptly ended. Meta is regularly closing projects that fail to gain an audience with the users.


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