WhatsApp has finally rolled out the much-anticipated Meta AI chatbot feature, and it’s now available in Pakistan too. Users don’t need to manually download a new update as this is a server-side change, but it’s still recommended to keep the app up to date, especially if the feature hasn’t appeared yet.

Accessing Meta AI is straightforward. Simply tap the new search bar at the top labeled “Ask Meta AI or Search”, or tap the Meta AI icon above the button to initiate new chats. It functions akin to ChatGPT, serving as a conversational AI chatbot designed to respond to queries entered as prompts. Powered by Meta’s Llama 2 open-source AI model, it offers a range of default prompt options like “Help set fitness goals”, “Solo travel benefits”, “Home maintenance 101”, and more. Users can also type in their own prompts via the text box at the bottom, and emojis can be used to interact with the chatbot.

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Distinguishing itself from ChatGPT, Meta AI can also generate AI images in less than a minute, albeit at a small resolution and labeled as AI-made. These images are easily downloadable and shareable like any other media on WhatsApp. Moreover, Meta AI is functional in group chats as well.

Interestingly, on WhatsApp Desktop, Meta AI is referred to as “AI Character”, though it functions identically under this different name. Chat history syncs across all devices, ensuring continuity between phone and desktop interactions.


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