MG’s Sister Company to Launch Electric Suzuki Jimny Rival

MG's Sister Company to Launch Electric Suzuki Jimny Rival

Baojun — which is MG’s cousin company that is jointly owned by SAIC Motors and General Motors (GM) is set to launch a direct competitor that will be a direct competitor to Suzuki Jimny.

They tease their electric vehicle (EV) at the time of the launch of the Baojun’s new EV. The teaser caught the attention of a variety of media outlets around the world and people were adamant that “Baojun did exactly what Suzuki could had done.”

As of now, Baojun has only teased the electric vehicle in an unintentional video clip. The name of the vehicle is also unknown. The video gives an insight into the EV’s retro look and modern style. Much like the Jimny model, it sports an unflattering shape, a straight Hood, a flat front and massive doors.

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The front features four-LED headlights, oval LED brake lights, as well as a single vertical reverse light strip between. The alloy wheels are comparable to the Rivian R1T. the larger wheels offer an imposing appearance.

While the company has yet to release the specifications and specifications of the new model, many believe the vehicle is expected to produce at minimum 100 horsepower. The range of the SUV is likely to be limited due to its compact, drag-inducing shape.

Chinese automakers are taking advantage of the insularity of Japanese automakers in the field of EV development. While the plans of the company regarding the vehicle are sturdily constructed but its potential launch on the international market could challenge Suzuki Jimny’s dominance.


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