Xiaomi launched its next generation of fitness tracker – Xiaomi Mi Band 3 back in June globally. As the device has made its way to some selected Asian markets including Pakistan recently, it appears that it’s bringing a software flaw along with it, which was earlier raised in the Mi Band support forums’ global thread.

Some of the Mi Band 3 users globally as well as in Pakistan have reported about a software problem on Xiaomi’s support forum here and here with issues like “freezing screen” and “Mi Fit app connection”. Most of the users state the same problem that when they received their Mi Band 3 wearable devices and connected them with handsets, the device started installation of a firmware upgrade and after completing its screen froze and displayed an error (SC shown below). Some users even tried to force-close the Mi Fit app and tried reinstalling the app but all in vain.

While some users have suggested newer firmware updates from unofficial sources, most of them still want to wait for the official Mi Fit app update. Moreover, a user reports that the device started malfunctioning after getting this new firmware update, however, otherwise it was working fine. As he states; “[…] after pairing the Mi Band 3 to my iPhone X, it installed a firmware upgrade and then instantly showed the screen above, while it seemed to work normally otherwise”.

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Some pro users seem to apply all their knowledge to resolve the issue but remained unsuccessful. “I unpaired and repaired the band also with different devices. I successfully re-installed the firmware including the resource several times but the screen does not change”, a user wrote on the thread.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, some Mi Band 3 users reported the same problem to us. NetMag learned from Pakistani users complained that this firmware update was the major culprit of screen freezing issue and connection problem with Mi Fit app. However, to end on a good note, when these Pakistani Mi Band 3 users took their devices to Mi Store, the company not knowing the actual problem, offered a free replacement which is working fine for them.

A Xiaomi’s regional official when reached out for a comment on the matter, seemed unaware of the issue and told us that the company will look into it and will release an official statement.

Mi Band 3 is the most economical and spec loaded fitness tracker in its price segment and Xiaomi being the partner of Google in various Android projects should be well equipped to resolve such software issues.


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