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Micron Validates DDR5 Memory Products in Intel’s Scalable Xeon Processors

Data centers can now take advantage of Micron DDR5 server memory portfolio as part of the Intel Xeon Scalable processor family, which is the fourth generation.

As a result of Micron’s DDR5 technology, it offers twice the memory bandwidth as compared to previous generations of memory. Using DDR5 technology will bring higher bandwidth and allow each processor to fully unlock its capabilities, which will ultimately alleviate the performance bottlenecks that could arise as a result of the upgrade to DDR5.

The Micron data shows that SPECjbb delivers a nearly 49 percent performance improvement in comparison to its predecessor when it comes to jOPS (Java runs per second) benchmarks.

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There are a number of benefits Micron DDR5 memory offers beyond its higher bandwidth and enhanced performance. It is also equipped with an on-chip error correction code (ODECC) and a limited failure rate to enhance the reliability of the system throughout the data center. A key feature of ODECC is its ability to correct and detect single-bit errors as well as multiple-bit errors.

Micron, a market leader in memory chips, said that with Lenovo’s DDR5 memory coupled with Intel’s fourth-generation Xeon 8480H Platinum processors, Micron is able to increase SAP workload processing by 43 percent compared to Micron’s DDR4 memory combined with Intel’s third-generation Xeon 8380 Platinum processors.


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